About me

Born in Neuchâtel, Monique Pauwels shares her life between Switzerland and France. She has already exhibited several times during her itinerant wanderings, where her works have already met with great success.

Inspired by the secret of her daydreams, Monique Pauwels has been drawing since her early childhood. However, the hazards of life led her to a serious, intense and Cartesian legal career. Over the years, the need for freedom, to imagine, to create and to paint has become ever more compelling.

In 2012, a major event will trigger the metamorphosis. Determined to unfold her creativity, she took academic painting classes with Jean Uroz, a charismatic painter, who guided her on the path of artistic discovery and instilled in her the confidence necessary to take flight. This initiation has definitely changed her life so much that today the need to paint is as essential as the need to breathe: a bubble where art and life meet and merge.

Monique has chosen to paint with acrylics, a technique that allows her to freeze the creative moment and to reveal light and shadow, transparency and opacity. Her sources of inspiration are multiple: light, colour, reflections constantly awaken her imagination. Her gaze catches a line, a movement like a round which carry her away and make her vibrate… Then everything is linked by magic.

The artist expresses herself in these terms about her work: “My paintings are not a translation of reality but the feeling of my inner gardens; they are not perfection according to intellectual criteria, they are creations from the heart. “
A flourishing work which from the very first paintings has been able to assert its style. Transparency and projections, strength and gentleness, generosity and restraint: so many contrasts with a subtle balance that characterise the work of Monique Pauwels.

Exhibitions : Oct.2014: Lions Club Besançon, France (group show) May-Oct.2015: Galerie Viviane Ranaldi, Porto-Vecchio, Corsica Oct.2015 : Lions Club Besançon, France (group show) Jan.-March 2016: Hôtel Carlton, Lausanne, Switzerland Oct-Nov 2016: “Atelier BV5” Gallery, Neuchâtel, Switzerland Feb.-April 2017: Gallery “Atelier BV5”, Neuchâtel, Switzerland Feb.2017-March 2018: Intérieur Sud, Cannes, France May-Sept.2018: Galeries Marval, Neuchâtel, Switzerland May-Oct.2018: Galerie Ranaldi, Porto-Vecchio,Corsica Oct.2018-Feb.2019: Galerie des Lombards, Mougins-village, France Oct.2018-March 2019: Galeries Marval, Neuchâtel, Switzerland March 2019-Feb.2020: Galerie Robert Deniau, Mougins-village, France April-Oct.2019: Galerie Viviane Ranaldi, Porto-Vecchio, Corsica April-Oct.2020: Galerie Viviane Ranaldi, Porto-Vecchio, Corsica July 2020-2021 :Siffas Decoration, Cannes, France April-Oct. 2021: Galerie Viviane Ranaldi, Porto-Vecchio, Corsica May 2021: Parcours culturel, group show, Bienne, Switzerland Oct.2021-Feb.2022: Galeries Marval, Neuchâtel, Switzerland April 2022: Galerie Artesol, Solothurn, Switzerland April-Oct.2022: Galerie Viviane Ranaldi, Port Translated with DeepL.com (free version)